Commercial Flat Roof Repair

We were contracted to replace this old and water flat roof for a commercial premises in Dublin City Centre. The project required careful prep work and measurement as there was a number dome flat roof windows that need to be prepared and accurately measured for the optimium fit. The roof top also had large kerbing (capping) onto of the roof. This also has had to be consideration to the cut of the new membrane perfect. The key object for this project was to repair any leaks that the business owner was suffering combined with installing a new Paralon roof.

Location: Dublin City Centre

Project Type: Commercial Building

Materials Used: Full Paralon Install

What Was Required?

Remove old felting

Inspect old leaks

Repair old leaks

Prep the roof for new Paralon membrane

Measure new Paralon membrane for exact fit


Finished Project:

Clean edging around window dome

Strip back all felting & prep for new Paralon felt

Begin install of new weatherproof roof

Weather seal around dome windows

Inspect final finish

Happy Business Owner 🙂

As we installed a completely new weatherproof membrane on this roof, the business owner will enjoy a 25 year guarantee.

As a certified partner we ensure all our flat roof repairs, restorations & new flat roofs are completed to the highest possible standard. We are fully insured and offer businesses a professional approach to roof repairs for Irish businesses.

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